Although this may be hard to write, it has been on my mind since I started this thing and is probably the biggest delayer of other posts on the board, so here we go… Read the rest of this entry »


Because the posts on this blog are so prolific and widely read, I decided to create a second salt stick blog.  That’s right, I now have as many blog sites as posts.  Read the rest of this entry »

Well…I think it has been about two months since starting this blog.  I guess it is about time to log my first post.  With the first post, since you are probably wondering, I will try to tell the story of the term salt stick; how it got started, what it meant then, what it means now, and what it will hopefully mean sometime later.  I have no idea how far back to start this story.  Actually, I had a hard time knowing where to start a blog at thirty years old, and having never journal-ed before.  Either way, this seems like a decent place, and I will try to add as much of my past as I can remember. Read the rest of this entry »

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Remedy by David Crowder Band

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The Cave by Jose Saramago

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Eat this book by Eugene Peterson


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